July 10, 2006

Swatch and SWAP time.

Same pattern (only in red a 2 repeat and in blue a 3), different yarn:

The pattern is from the green/yellow shawl in Handwerken Zonder Grenzen (dutch mag).
The yarn is: Red mohair from a farm in Southern France on needles 4 mm, and the blue is Rowan Donegal Lambswool.

Knitted this yesternight during the WK final and came to these conclusions:

1. I prefer the Tour de France instead of the WK
2. This pattern is not very difficult, just a little bit, but its a "8stitcher" perfect for me.
3. I really like the colours (have different shades) of the mohair, but the material is tooo fuzzy for me.

And that's why I want to swap it.

SO, if you're living in Europe, or better: the netherlands, and want to have this yarn:

It's about 200 grams, packed in a "ziploc". Bought this in France, there's no information about metres, gauge etc. There's 1 sticker on most of the ball: "le mohair des fermes de france".

Tell me what you want to swap, I like : sockwool (min. 70 % wool), all kind of lacey wool yarn, and so much more, take a look in your stash or books. Just surprise me with an email, and I will let you know! Mail to: snbrotterdam at yahoo dot com.

Other knitting (reading) news: This talented and very nice knittingwonder was so kind to lend (is that the word for "lenen"?) me "knitting rules!" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot) so I could read this during my holiday, but I can give it back to you this tuesday, almost finished it!


Lies said...


I will not be there next tuesday. I do have one other "yarnharlot" book, so next time we meet I will take it along for you.

sylv said...

that mohair is lovely, and the colors look so cool together !! I'm sure you'll find some interested people !!