July 14, 2006

swap, socks, star and lace

This Portugese knitster will be my swap partner for the mohair (see post before).

And this are my "campingsocks" for M. Put mine as a scale next to it. Its Opal Prisma yarn, bought at Wolhalla .

These socks are knitted with Wendy's toe-up sock pattern and its easy, and I really like the round heel thing. The rest is in 2/2 rib and on top a 1/1 rib. That's not a big succes. Next time, no 1/1 ribs anymore.

Again a test-lace with a pattern from an old Katia patternbook. But I'm not sure if I have the patience for a long stole (because that's what I want..) in this (or any repeating) pattern.

And I found a summerholiday project! Great yarn (Meilenweit Megaboot), simple but very effective pattern and easy to carry: (its crochet btw)
A starblanket for a new baby who will arrive in December, here's the free pattern .

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Knittacia said...

Your socks looks very nice. I have started knitting with the same yarn now!