July 05, 2006

Knitting theme tattoo?

We had our SnB Rotterdam meeting yesternight at Hfs. II (it was lovely, sitting outside on the terras), and one of the things we we're talking about was: Tattoo's.

Is there anybody outthere who is having a tattoo that has something to do with knitting (or if you like crocheting?) I am sooo curious! Let me know! Or better, SHOW!

Maybe it's an idea for the SnB Day 18 november, a tattoocorner for real Knitting Addicts!

Latest Sand Shrug news: I frogged 1 sleeve. They are too long and narrow (?) (smal in Dutch).

1 comment:

tatjana said...

yes, i think you mean narrow...like schmal in German :) and i really like the shrug, the texture of the yarn is lovely!