July 03, 2006

Sand Shrug in progress

This going-to-be-shrug is my own design. The yarn is the same as I used for the Pointy Wristwarmers .
This is the sleeve in a 2k2p rib.

And at the rigth you'll see the whole thing.

The body is in crochet, and the borders in knitting. At this time I'm busy with the ribbing on the body (about 200 st.) and I'm not sure if it will fit. Just knitting, trying if it fits. If not: frogging.
I'm using my Addi Turbo circ's, and know I understand the whole thing about this brand. They knit REALLY turbo.


Lies said...

Heh. Ik kom kijken en alles wat ik gisteravond te mopperen had is weg (!!)
Ik kan alle foto's zien, en de comments doen het ook gewoon.
Okeeee dan...

sylv said...

looks like it's going to be gorgeous too !!!