May 03, 2007

Magic Ball gift

New stitchmarkers, they will be for sale in my webshop:
Astrid asked me where did you get your stitchmarker (2 posts ago):
I make them, and sell them in my shop.
So have a look!

And given by my Magic Ball lady:

A very nice and handy needlebag!

Thanks, I'm very happy with it!

And can you give me a hint?


Jolanda said...

The needlebag is the perfect mothersdaygift!

Jolanda said...

Very nice needlebag. The perfect mothersdaygift! You must be a proud owner

Anonymous said...


Here a little message from your secret magic ball lady; I'm happy you love it! Your ball is from enschede from a little student who loves knitting more and more...

yvonnep said...

Great needlebag! Wonderful gifts.