August 30, 2006

Finished Starblanket and WIP= chevron scarf

Should have been more patient with the Star Blanket... Its a bit too small. But the colours are superbe!

The Opal Chevron Scarf is growing (slowly).

And in the meantime the're:
1. one zebra glove to finish
2. an almost finished Swallow Tail (IK) in the softest alpaca I've ever felt.
3. a children's pinwheel jacket in Manos, who is waiting patiently.

1 comment:

sylv said...

I agree, the colours are fab on the blankie !! But it looks crocheted,right ? but for the picots, you probably could quite easily add a few rows..?
It's a great idea to do it in crochet too, it'd look less dauting than knit those million stitches on the last rows...!