June 12, 2010

world wide knitting in public day 2010 Rotterdam

we were totally ready around 12:40
my youngest and me
and within 45 minutes it got crowded!
around 15-20 knitters
their kids
their husbands
the needles
the yarn


we had a lot of fun
and sun!
Thanks Rotterdam knitters!

even a pacman bbq


Anonymous said...

Het was leuk en heel gezellig!

Jeannette said...

Wow!..., DÌT ziet er uit als gezellig KIP-pen!!..

Huismus said...

Ooooh, dat ziet er gezellig uit!
Ik had er graag -hakend, mag dat ook?- bij geweest.. next time? x

Dominique said...

en de zon was er ook! ik zat bij de Waalse vrienden in Namur. Ondanks de bewolkte hemel, ook gezellig.

HandmadeHandsome said...

Didn't know there was a special day for that. I knit in the train whenever I want to. But it's true: people say things like 'that's an old craft'. Or an elderly woman sits down close to me to secretly see me work and when I get off she tells me she used to like knitting so much.
Great idea to come together in the park. You had a great day for it.


Tammy said...

SO wish I could have been there! We had such a busy day yesterday though. I do hope you will be doing it again someday this summer!

BugsandFishes said...

Lovely, thanks for the link! It's so nice thinking of so many knitting groups all over the world out knitting on the same day :)

lisette said...

Wat leuk!!!!