May 10, 2010

mei vakantie

Found this little mushroom (?) on the grass at our hotel last weekend

and finally: spinning is frontpage news ;)
(nrc 10 may 2010)

we worked very hard in our house this week
this tablethingcloset
(expedit from ikea)
is waiting for me in the store
to put it in my new studio
got my own workspace now
how/where do you work?


lisette said...

Wauw een eigen studio! Geweldig. En wat leuk zeg, spinnen op de voorkant van de krant..
En die paddestoel.. Ik kan bijna niet geloven dat het een paddestoel is. Heel bijzonder.

Anonymous said...

I work in and around my house. Completely disorganized (well, perhaps not completely), baskets and boxes all over. Most of my loot is in the basement, so when I want to use it I have to lug it upstairs. That is not very helpful. Things I use most often are kept stashed away in the living room. I'd like to have a more defined workspace, and hopefully I will have that in our new house. We're planning to get one of those large cube shelves at Ikea.. it's probably Expedit too.