February 22, 2010

marker for knitting in the round

Since I mostly knit in the round on a circulair needle, its very practical to have a stitchmarker.
So I know where the rounds starts/ends.
I make them for my shop, and as gifts for my knitting friends.
But this one is for me.
Its very important to surround yourself with beauty!
How do you keep track with knitting in the round?


Martice said...

I knit with 5 needles, so it's easy to keep track :)

I can't seem to get used to round needles. (the grip)

Elf said...

beautiful stitchmarker. It must be "Our Lady of the Blessed Stitches" to keep watch over your knitting!

Renee said...

I second Martice's comment--I'm a much bigger fan of the double pointed approach to circular knitting. However, being able to use fancy stitch marker makes me kind of wish I took out my circulars more often :-p