November 23, 2009

Nanouk and Vintage Buttons

we gave a party last friday
it was superbe
dancing like Madonna and Mel & Kim
good food and lot of drinks
at the end
our good friends I. and N. danced on Edith Piaff
made with 3suisses "Nanoek" 100% wool

so this new design will be named:


only 4 left

the neckwarmer will soon be listed in the shop
I'm totally in love with this blue colour
very strong and colourfull

what's your favourite colour today?


Tijm said...

Party looks great on the picture!
Also your other stuff.

Marleen said...

looks great!
At the moment I'm into purples and reds :) Oh and some greens....
Crap can't make a choice :)

Dr. Elf said...

blues, reds and greens.. as usual, so I totally love the neckwarmer!