June 09, 2009

warning, last picture can be shocking!

This is a post about a normal day in my life.
two days a week I work on a "cluster 2" school where I teach
deaf, autistic, hardhearing, esm-ers and other children with communication problems
from 12-14 years old
I'm a drama teacher
to see what I do in a lesson, see the last picture..
we cut legs... and use ketchup .. :)

after a long hard day I can really enjoy ironing my thrifted
this is an old Portugese apron

a "doorstop" tablecloth

and yesterday I've made big coasters for 2 things:
like a bottle and a glass

and now the bloody picture:


astrid said...

geweldig, ik wist niet dat je dat werk doet!!

lisette said...

Wat leuk! Leerlingen vonden het vast prachtig om te doen. Top juf!
Mooie coasters!! Tof stofje.

MoniqueB. said...

Gauw, hechtingen breien, anders bloed ze leeg!

Wat een mooie borduurtjes. En mooie stof.
De foto is prachtig verstild.