December 07, 2008

wrapping up for SinteKerst

With a "patchwork"family
(divorced parents, married again, bringing own children with grandchildren etc)
we always plan a date for SinteKerst

It will be today, so this morning:

children next to me with their clay and me sewing and wrapping

More pictures overhere.

ps: does anybody know how to turn pictures in Blogger??


Erna said...

cute ornaments and even cuter tags!!

Claudia said...

Oh, I'm probably stupid (and French!!!) so I don't know what SinteKerst is!

If you find how to turn pictures in blogger let me know! Normally, I bring them in Flickr and then turn them.

Jolanda said...


marleen said...

De enige manier die ik ken om ze te draaien is om een copietje gedraaid op te slaan op je computer, dus al opslaan zoals je het wil laten zien ;-)
Je maakt wel altijd prachtige foto's!