September 07, 2008

New banner and Kabouter hats

Knitted with Kauni wool, in different shades
size - 9-18 months

with practicle hangingloop

(so you can hang it together with the coat!)


For my Etsy shop

July8th made a new banner and avatar:

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shelleycaskey said...

hi ballee - i am so happy that you came to visit my waldorfmama blog! it is exciting to hear that you enjoyed your waldorf school in the netherlands and even had some of the same verses. it is the same across the world, i suppose. :) i have always loved your hats on etsy. and what a beautiful new banner and avatar you have! i will be visiting again soon. :) ~ shelley

p.s. my daughter and i wear all oilily clothes, which are made in the netherlands. :)