March 26, 2008

Give Away

Be aware:

Only in March!!

Just a few days left in my Etsy Shop for this:

Every buyer will receive this month a free set of stitchmarkers!

Every buyer is participating in a give-away, you can win a skein of Kauni wool!


The Ballee Etsy Shop is 1 year old!


Saskia said...

1 jaar alweer... wowzers! Goed hoor. Gefeliciteerd en in het tweede jaar veel winst en plezier toegewenst met je internationale onderneming. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitch marker!!

tiggerr said...


Even if I bought something last week?

Gefeliciteerd met je eerste jaar! Je maakt mooie dingen!

knittingajour said...

Tiggerr, YES! Just read the announcement part of my shop, everybody who's a buyer in March is joining! (and your Dutch Girl strap is on her way, togeter with an extra set stitchmarkers!)

astrid said...

gefeliciteerd! Je hebt fantastische spullen in je winkel. En ik geniet van je stitchmarkers.