April 07, 2007

I'm still alive.. but not in the virtual world..

Thank you all for your comments!
And I'm doing great, except for 1 thing:
tele2 will connect us over a few weeks....

I'm internetting (is that a word?) in the Library right now.

So no telephone and the worst:
no internet.

Yes, I have a lot of time extra now! But I'm missing reading blogs etc.

About the Magic Ball:
YIPPIE, I'm a VERY lucky girl, and I'm very spoiled by a mystery knitter THANK YOU!

About the weekend in Hasselt (workshop by Kaffe Fasset's studio) with my great sister: more details (and pic's) later.


froukje said...

er zijn maar weinig dingen waar ik chagerijnig van wordt maar géén internet: das wel heel vervelend! Hopelijk ben je gauw weer online. Prettige paasdagen!

Rosie said...

I'm glad for the update. While I loved the last entry with its picture of the perky hat - I was wondering if all was well with you!
I enjoy reading your blog from here in the US midwest.

yvonnep said...

I know exactly how it feels...