February 08, 2007

Hats and Bags

There's an update in my Shop today.
This really coloured little hat is for a little babygirl

Look for more pictures of these hats in my shop

(and take a look at the stitchmarkers too!)

These cute little bags can carry a card (creditcard size).

See for more pictures my Flickr account .


yvonnep said...

I love your knitting. Your little hats/caps and I love your stitch markers. But: in several sp packages they send me the most beautifull stitch markers (like yours) but they are not handy to use. It creates holes or worse... so, I sometimes look at them, but don't use them anymore. Dommage... is there a trick?

knittingajour said...

@ yvonnep: thanks for your compliments! And about the stitchmarkers: I use them mostly on circulair needles, and in the bigger projects on straight needles. Not in mohair but other yarns do fine with my markers!

Angela said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog about the hat patterns; YOUR Ballee hat is absolutely adorable!

knittingajour said...