February 19, 2007

Fair Zwolle

Fetching's, birthdaypresent for my supersister.
Made with really soft cotton.Detail of my "Aftereight" hat.
stitchmarker: Ballee

Arwetta Sock Yarn

Drops Alpaca

BFL blue yarn

pompon set

All these stuff came home with me yesterday after visiting Zwolle..

except for the crochetbook, bought that at an AKO bookshop on Amsterdam CS.


Anonymous said...

Wat heb je prachtig spul gehaald zeg!!!!

Vr.gr. Tijm

Gidget said...

Nice haul! Where in Zwolle did you score, if you don't mind my asking? I'm visiting there for the first time in May.


Mindy (idigpop@gmail.com)

yvonnep said...

Mooie aankopen! 't Lijkt erop dat we allemaal drops alpaca en klazien's sokkenwol hebben gekocht :)

knittingajour said...

En niet te vergeten bij Storm op Zolder!