January 05, 2007

WIP: Emerald and blogspot talk.

WIP: Emerald made by Amy M. Swenson for Knitty.
See earlier posts about the yarn.
Its a quick knit, but I have too many projects at the same time.
(secret things for my sister..., socks for my daughter, Kiri shawl for myself and so on).
And I'm really happy with my selfmade stitchmarkers.
The're like earrings for your knittingwork.
And I switched this blog into the Betaversion. Lost my links etc in the sidebar for a nervous day, but luckily I "found" them back somehow.
Bad thing about this switch: I cannot log in directly, first I make a comment on another blogspot, and then I can login my own.
So, you blogspotters: I'm commenting a lot these days!
Good thing: I can tag my posts.


Arja said...

hee, ik dacht dat jij niet aan grote truien e.d. deed?
leuke stitchmarkers trouwens. ik maak ze zelf ook, maar in het gebruik vind ik de etos-haarelastiekjes het prettigst werken

Haakpoes said...

Wat raar dat je niet gelijk kan inloggen... Mooie foto's van je WIP!
Hier het google linkje om te zoeken in blogs: http://www.google.nl/blogsearch?hl=nl
Voor als je het nog niet wist natuurlijk.

knittingajour said...

@arja: you're right, maar 2007 is het jaar van de grote dingen! Ik heb direct mijn profile aangepast. Jammer trouwens van Londen!

@haakpoes: dank, maar had het idd al gevonden (en heel erg gebruikt, ideaal!).

zusjeajour said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
zusjeajour said...

geheime dingen voor je zusje?????

kimberly said...

Oh I agree, stitch markers are wonderful. I make some out of fimo and love them. It's funny, I have 3 flip flop bracelets I bought last year in the States to make stitch markers with but never did take them apart to make them. I love yours. The colors in the sweater are so pretty!!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I've been eyeing that pattern too. I love the yarn you chose. Green and blue, my favorites.

Saskia said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR sweetie!! Great pictures! I'll mail soon. x