January 27, 2007

Januari Snowflake Socks

Made with Regia 4-fadig sockwool (1 skein bought on a fair and the white/blue yarn on the fleamarket).
Toe-up, on 2 mm bamboo needles, and a little snowflake pattern on the leg, found it here.
More pic's overhere on my Flickr-account.
My son is wearing the socks for making the picture, but the're way too big for them.
The toes are "ingedeukt".


Tijm said...

Ingedeukt en wel: ze zijn echt prachtig!!!

Kimberly said...

I love those toes!!

Saskia said...

great stuff!! I love snowflakes, so much I even got one tatooed on my back! I just started my toe up tiger socks and I'm thinking I really like toe up, at least so far. Haven't been able to do much thanks to a terrible cold. :-(