December 09, 2006


Found myself "tagged" by her.
Describe 6 strange habits about yourself.

1. Just like my sister, I've to touch everything.
2. I can express myself much better in signlanguage then in spoken word.
3. I always live near a river.
4. Since I'm 33 (that's this year), I have to think about my age.
5. I like to eat sweet at the same time with salty things (like dark chocolate and chips).
6. When I'm doing a game with numbers: 8 times out of 10, I "know" the right number.

Consider yourself tagged: SasKnitsItAgain and Liza au Lait...

Knitting news:
Started Emerald (see post yesterday) in Lana Grossa's Mega Stoppino (greens/blue) 65%wool with 35% acryl.
My first big project, and the first time I really bought yarn for a specific project....


Liza said...

O jee, ik zal eens gaan denken... Ik ben zooooo gewoon, dat wordt lastig ;-)

kimberly said...

How come you know sign language? My kids and I learned baby sign language when they were babies and we all love it. I have a sign language dictionary and we still look up words every once in a while. Oh and I have the same problem with my age, I'm 35, I always have to think about it.

Lies said...

Nice! And I think Emerald will look great on you.