November 27, 2006

Still in my green period, I guess..

1/4 is ready: this will be a sock for my mother in law.
The first sock I'm knitting on a 12" circ needle, don't cast on less then 60 st!
It's a 2mm.

And here a detail of the stitchmarker I like the most:
A new project: A Kiri shawl. You all know the Birch from Rowan, but this pattern starts with 7 st, instead of the 6859478 Birch stitches ;).

It's a free pattern, you can find it here.

I'm making it with the French Mohair (with silk) it was given to me at my birthday by my sister and mother (and they will visit my SnB group this week!!).

My weekend project: Baby hat with Leaf Edging

Made from stash cotton (Yeah, 2 balls less!!). First you make the red border sideways and then pick up st. on the side for the green part.

This one is for a friends baby who will be born in December


Lies said...

oeh, Kiri! I am curious to see her in real. I have a little something for show and tell next tuesday as well. Looking forward to it!

froukje said...

Well: I do like your version of the baby hat a lot more than the original! And it can't be the model showing it that makes the difference....

Storm op Zolder said...

Ah, so now we can do a race, my 65087 birch stitches against your Kiri ;-) You win!

astridpersons said...

ik heb ook geprobeerd om een sok te breien op een rondbreinaald: het lukte mij niet: te korte naaldjes: pak dan langere zul je zeggen. Dat heb ik ook gedaan, maar dan "past" de sok er niet op. Welke lengte heb jij genomen?

Rineke said...

mooie muts zeg! ik hou van die mooie draaing bovenop.

sokken (handschoenen, mutsen etc) kun je trouwens ook in het rond breien op twee rondbreinaalden. in principe hetzelfde als breien op 4 naalden.

Saartje said...

I love the colors you picked for the baby hat and the little accent on the top!
I just have this feeling that the leaf edge is on inside out.... At least, when I knit this hat, I put it on the other way. Oh, after I just took a look at my own picture ( I noticed the crown part on my hat is the other way around too... I like yours better with the stockinette part showing. Have to remember that for next time!

Judy said...

Hi, What sock pattern is it for your mother ?