November 20, 2006

First Stitch n Bitch Day Netherlands

Saturdaymorning 18th november:
After a beautifull bikingtour trough my city, I arrived at De Van Nelle Fabriek (see pictures overhere , and a great story about this day too).
Checked how she was doing, and walked my first (of many) round(s).

There was a lot to see:
A LONG table to knit
Lot of different shops (books, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, patterns and gear)
Knit a River project
Workshop "aquarium"
When the doors opened at 10, tons of women (and some men) walked in.
For me it was like 2000 people, but I read somewhere, there were 800 knitters together.

At 12, my sister and one of my aunts arrived from Apeldoorn. It was great to see them! We did more walking/buying and finally sat down and knit and eat sandwiches.
Our aunt spoiled us, so we could buy something nice, so sweet.

I saw a lot of bloggers, other "famous" knitters, and what I really liked: All the shawls, cardigans, scarves, sweaters etc everybody carefully chosen to wear!
"Birches", "Clapotis-sen", Starmoredesigns, shrugs etc.

There was one knitted masterpiece: The "frost shawl", worn by the sister in law from Saartje and knitted by her mother.

The queenlady herself was there: Debbie Stoller, and I really hope she had the time this day to remember her important rol in this all!

And check this shop (also online): I Knit . They have yarn made from Banana's and doing good things (like the Knit A River project, and have knittingmeetings the whole week!)

There's a lot more to tell, but just read and see the other Dutch Knitting Blogs to get an impression!

On the Knittingfrontnews:

I will be finishing my striped socks very soon..
Start pinkish socks for my mother in law, she needs them a lot...
And want to start the Candle Flame Shawl in green mohair, or red Klazien yarn.(free pattern by Knitpicks overhere) .


Anonymous said...

Hey Ajourtje! Love the post, love the pictures, very stylish! I won't use the word 'hip', because it unintendedly started a whole discussion on my blog, haha, a ripple in the knitting community. And I wasn't even saying that people SHOULD be young... oh well..

Arja said...

jaah het was een superdag he! ik kan me nauwelijks meer herinneren wie ik nu allemaal gesproken heb. de jongens van I Knit hebben wel heel mooi spul in hun winkel liggen! nog meer als wat ze allemaal bij zich hadden in R'dam, lijkt het wel. de link vanaf je post werkt niet, gek genoeg.