October 31, 2006

socks, hat, ladies and colours

Its the last day of Socktober... And my socks are not finished... These are my Trekking XXL (colourway 100). One of my 2,0mm bamboo needles is now in two parts.. It broke when I tried the sock on my foot.

I have another sock on the needles. The pattern is written by this lady , and if you like to see the result... come to the First National Dutch SnB day in Rotterdam!

If you look very carefull you'll see my son, who was very curious about what his mother was doing??? I was on my bed, legs up with needles around the legs, and trying to make a very good picture. He found it VERY strange.

And this fabolous sockyarn is dyed by the same lady as above (this is her blog ). She let me pick the colours, and it turned out just the way I wanted! She can do magic!
And a little hatproject in between: with leftoverstash and just inventing the pattern while I'm knitting.

First time I've tried a 2-coloured 1k/1p rib. It's a little less stretchy, but its nice.

Last weekend I was knitting at the Lady Fest in Waterfront and met this talented lady. I'm glad to have such nice knitters in my town!


Strumpstickan said...

hahahahaha... it looks VERY strange but the colour on the socks are just great!

Lies said...

LOL ik zou wel es een foto willen zien van jou én zoon en sokken.
Maar ze zijn mooi. Je kunt het ook zo doen als Cara:
(laatste foto...)