October 01, 2006

Socks all over the place (it's Socktober!)

This colourfull yarn is dyed by Storm on the attic and I'm testknitting this sock for her.

And here's the Shoebox Sock. I'm rapidly knitting trough this sock. Why do we wear two equal socks all the time?
Every feet needs her/his own unique sock!
Just like Pipi!
Ok, I'm having my Second Sock Syndrom.

I know.


Tijm said...

Jee wat mooi en wat snel!!!

Ann-Marie said...

thanks for the comment on my "africa socks" on flikr.
yes, the crocs really are that comfortable.
i have walked and walked in them and my feet feel great at the end of the day.
they are so comfortable i could sleep in them!

Dipsy D. said...

I so love both yarns, the colorlines are absolutely stunning! The Shoebox Sock looks so great too!

Lies said...

Heh :-) welcome to the SSS club! I wonder about the Storm-in-the-attic sock, is it entrelac? Will you please take it to SnB next week?