September 23, 2006

Swatching (really!) for my Socktoberfest sock

This really soft yarn contents 45% cotton, 40% wool and 15% polyamide.
I really like the bright colours in it and the stripes are variable. Because these red, white (to be honoust: creme and white)and blue (and grey-ish) are also the national colours overhere, I call this sock-to-be: The Dutch Sock.

As you can see in this swatch, I'm "playing" with ribs. To decide what it will be, I need more time.
This is the first time I'm really swatching for a sock. And I like it (sorry, for the non-swatchers)!

And there is my first sweater, making it in Cecilia by Phildar (see previous posts). Pic's will follow later.
There's also my latest project: Ballee.
That's the name of my newborn weblog. But that needs more time....

I will be knitting in Den Bosch on the 15th October, and here in Rotterdam
18th november.

See you overthere! And for all you out there, non-Dutchies: come over here, The Netherlands in Fall is beautifull!


Tijm said...

Origineel garen zeker voor zo'n "fest".
Veel plezier met het maken!!

saskia said...

I'm there! (@ Rotterdam!!)
I like the ribs by the way. Good luck with the socks!

Lies said...

He jammer, ik brei een dag eerder in den Bosch. op 18 november ben ik er zeker bij!

Strumpstickan said...

Hello there, and nice sockyarn!

Thanks a lot for the nice compliment on my shoes and legwarmers, they were easy and fun to make and its 'in' with warmers again like in the 80's, fun!

Great idea with socktoberfest, I'll see ya:)

Lolly said...

Thank you for joining Socktoberfest! That is great yarn you are using ;)

nrrdgrrl said...

naaah, too cold for my taste... it's spring here :P