September 11, 2006

Knitty fall 06

Yeah, my favorite place for free patterns: came out today!.
And I love this pullover but then in a solid colour (green, red or brown) or this one with different sleeves.
I recently frogged my pinwheel circle jacket for N., started a soaker for her. And a winterhat for a boy. Pic's will follow soon.

And what did I make two years ago in September?
A blanket for L. (son of friends).

Last year at this time? N. was born and about two weeks old.

Knitting was not possible. She was/is a perfect baby to knit with, but my brains...
It was impossible to understand "2ktog" or "rep. these 2 rows".

But, now after a year, the brains came together again and work. Sometimes a little bit slower, but hay, I'm knitting a soaker right now! The pattern is from her, she did a good job on writing this!
Enjoy the new Knitty!

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sylv said...

cool ! Hadn't realised the new Knitty was up yet..!