July 24, 2006

P.O.W.S. and little red skirt

An evening alone at home (only with the baby, and she was sleeping upstairs), this weekend, results in a lovely red/white skirt for N. It's size 80 (in dutch), for a 1 year old. But I'll wait (very patiently)when she start walking, it will look GREAT on her.
The pattern in from an old Knippie Baby (Dutch mag).
It's not very perfect (odd seams etc) but it's more then ok with me.

And these are the notes and the pattern from the Print O'the Wave Pattern (named by me, and by others I pressumee, as P.O.W.S. )

Here's the link to the FREE (!!) pattern in pdf, made by the really talented knitter:Eunny Jang

I'm knitting with Rowan Donegal Lambswool, on 2,5mm addi turbu circs. And this is what you get after 4 repeats.

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