May 26, 2006

BBB Blanket variation

Pic's below are the BBBBBBBBB, designed by, and made with a variation (the border is different, smaller).

WIP's: the (very) red hooked shawl, must finish this MAJOR thing before starting something new

(A shrug in the bobbly yarn, same as the Pointy Wristwarmers)

The SnB Rotterdam group is still going strong! We had a very nice visit of NrrdGrrl, and we're knitting always with +/- 8 ladies.

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froukje said...

Hallo Ajour,
thanks for commenting on my post! (let's start a weekly vice versa thank you service....)But seriously: I do love the crown so I will be so happy when you publish the pattern on the net. Even though I will have to crochet for it.... Well: I stood for more challenges than crocheting: what about frivolite (I did it) or Cuna (did it) or......tadaaaa tadaaaaa tadaaaaaaaa: cross stitching! Interested? Challenge me, I'll prove it on my weblog....