February 14, 2006

She likes it!!!


mrspilkington said...

both n. and outfit are BEAUTIFUL! you made me smile this morning. thanks for stopping by. i was looking at your baby cardigan design the other day, that is lovely too, you are so talented.
this school thing is so crazy. CP has to go on interviews for some schools, and i think it's so ridiculous. if i had another child, i would homeschool for sure.
you sure are a natural at sock knitting! maybe one day i will join you. i really liked the very long stockings in Vogue Knitting last year...anyway, hope the email works out soon, i am looking forward to news about you all. you hang in there too. big hugs, and sorry for the long comment!

Momo said...

What an adorable baby!! She's lovely in those cute pants.

aija said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the inside-out too, the seams look so fun in yellow :) Lucky baby!