November 03, 2004

Pattern brown babyhat with earflaps (3-6 months)
Design: Ajoursteek, based on a pattern from “ariadne” 1974
See the hat on:

Gauge: 27 st x 38 rows = 10 cm
Supplies: +/- 50 gram thin wool (I used Rowan Donegal Lambswool 50 gr = 200m)
Stitches used: garterstitch, stockingstitch, 1x1 ribbing

Start with the band from right earflap.
Cast on 6 sts and knit 4 rows.
Row 5: Make a buttonhole; cast off 2 sts in the middle
Row 6: Cast on the middle 2 sts.
Knit on till the band is 10 cm long
Then increase:
K2, M1 (make 1 stitch), K2, M1, K2.
Repeat this every second row, the amount sts in stockingstitch between the increased sts become 2 more.
When there are 26 sts, put them on a stitch holder.

The left band/earflap = the same as above WITHOUT the buttonhole.

Between the earflaps: the front of the hat, cast on 40 sts, and besides 9 (on every site).

K 8 (garterstitch) rows with all 110 sts.

Then make 8 cm fantasypattern or stockingstitch (choose yourself).

Row 1 : knit 1x1 ribbing from now on
Row 2 : knit every 7th and 8th st together, 9th and 10th also. (in ribbing!) (=88sts)
Row 3: ribbing
Row 4: 5th and 6th tog, 7th and 8th tog (=66sts).
Row 5: ribbing
Row 6: 3th and 4th tog, 5th and 6th tog (=44sts).
Row 7: ribbing
Row 8: all sts 2 tog, 2 tog, 2 tog etc. (=11sts).

Make 2,5 cm ribbing with 11 sts.

Then: all sts 2 tog (5X) 1 normal. (=6 sts)

Pull the yarn throug all sts, and use this yarn for the backseam.

Sew a beautifull button on the band, and READY!

Place it on little child and make a photo!

knitting ajour

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